The Realities of a Relationship

Hello lovelies and welcome back! This post is all about my thoughts on being in a relationship, the things I love but also things that I’m sure many couples have experienced at some point!  I also think that nowadays there are so many expectations when it comes to being in a relationship and it is just sometimes unnecessary.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 months now and he really is amazing. We have so much fun together and I literally feel so comfortable around him that I can talk to him about anything. I love our relationship because we don’t have to necessarily be doing anything but we still have so much fun together. Just because you’re in a relationship it doesn’t mean you have to go out and do stuff all the time. A lot of our time together usually just consists of watching films with some good food and it’s still a lovely night in as it is just nice to be in each others company. Obviously we go out to places too but it just goes to show that you don’t always have to make big plans in order to have a nice date night with your loved one.

Everyones relationship is different too, so you should never compare yours to someone else’s. Just because I’m not posting about my boyfriend all the time on social media it doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with him. It’s okay to keep your relationship private, I think it can actually be better this way as it just makes it more personal.

When in a relationship I have never been the type of person to assume to be treated to things all the time. Boys deserve to be treated too, even if it is just something small or a meal out it really is the thought that counts. Small and simple gestures like these can still be romantic and it just shows that it doesn’t take much to show how much you care for your partner. I am literally that girl who could be given nuggets from McDonald’s unexpectedly and it would make my whole day!

I get attached to people really easily and I am definetely that type of girlfriend who doesn’t want her boyfriend to leave even if she’s just spent over 24 hours with them. As much as I always want to spend everyday with my boyfriend it is important to make time for yourselves. When at home for the holidays, me and my boyfriend don’t live that close to each other compared to a five minute walk apart when we are at uni so it does make me miss him so much more than I usually do (soppy I know!), but because I get to see him less when at home, it makes the time we do spend together so much more meaningful when we do visit each other!

Indecisiviness I think for me has been one of the major things I’ve realised since being with my boyfriend. I have always been indecisive and will always answer “you pick” or “I don’t mind” when asked what I want to do and it doesn’t help that my boyfriend is literally the same! We always find it so funny because no matter who’s turn it is to pick what film we will watch or where to go to eat, neither of us mind and so it takes so long to make a decision oops!

There have been so many times where I have felt that I have looked so horrible, usually when I’m not wearing make up or have just got out the shower but being with someone who doesn’t really mind me looking a mess or think I look horrible at times honestly helps so much. It really is such a confidence boost to know that someone thinks you look fine when you can feel the exact opposite.

My boyfriend may moan at me for my hair getting absolutely everywhere and taking up all the space in the bed and stealing the duvet but we have such a laugh together and he just makes me so happy. I feel so comfortable around him, can talk to him about anything and I am just so grateful to have him in my life. So if you’re reading this then congrats to you for putting up with me and here’s to many many many more months together!


Thanks for reading!

Jade xo

25 Replies to “The Realities of a Relationship”

  1. This is adorable, very happy to hear about your relationship, I hope it continues and gets even better over time! I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we’ve faced our challenges, he’s in the army and we battle some obstacles with that, but it’s made us stronger! It’s my longest relationship so far – and I’m learning a lot from it!

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