Finishing Second Year of University!

I did it! I made it through second year! It feels like it was only a couple of months ago that I had just finished first year, where has the time gone?! I can’t believe how quick it has gone but I am so happy to be done for the summer.

I know every course is different but I definitely found this year a lot tougher. When you have 3 or 4 deadlines all close together, it got just a little bit stressful at times to say the least and there were times where I didn’t feel like I could do it! I think aswell the fact that your second year actually counts towards your degree unlike first year it just adds that extra bit of pressure.

 I was lucky to not have any exams this year which I was so pleased about as I think it would have been even harder to juggle everything. I would even go as far to say that the jump from first year to second year was even bigger than the jump from college to university. As the work we were given was tougher, I was more motivated to try and keep my grades consistent like I did in first year and thankfully I managed to do it. I had the odd assignment where I was disheartened with comments I received, especially if it was one of those essays where I actually felt like I had done a good job, but I feel like this is all part of what university is about. I’ve realised you have to push yourself and be more original and creative with every piece of work and although it is taking me time to do this, I feel like I am slowly getting there.

One huge difference I found between this year and my first year was that I spent so much more time in the library. I feel like at this point you kind of just have to, for me also I find it easier to work in an environment like this as there are less distractions and I’m less likely to want to turn to Netflix! I am already having to start researching for my dissertation which is SO SCARY! Please can time just stand still for a bit!!

Aside from the actual university part, where accommodation is concerned as I went from uni accommodation to renting a house with four other people, it certainly makes you feel a lot more independent again when doing simple things like setting up a standing order to pay your rent and bills as well as doing other adult-like things such as buying hoover bags and remembering to put the bins out. Being outside of uni accommodation can definetely show you a lot about the people you are living with too, which is not always a good thing in my experience, and it also makes you appreciate coming home for the holidays that much more!! Living in a central location I’m not far from my uni campus, only a 10 minute walk from town and also only a road away from my boyfriend and I think not being in uni accommodation this year has made me appreciate things that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought about in my first year.

Whilst second year has a bigger work load, my timetable still allowed me a lot of time to have a social life as well as have time for myself which I think can sometimes be taken for granted! 

Although I’m not quite ready to be an adult, I am excited for what my final year brings and what other memories I will make.

Thanks for reading

Jade xo


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