A Dream Holiday in Lanzarote

It’s been a few days now since I got back from my holiday in Lanzarote with my boyfriend and I definetely have the holiday blues!

It was our first holiday together and we stayed at the hotel Sol Lanzarote for 7 nights. Being students we didn’t exactly have tons of money to spend but we got such a good price as we booked everything with Jet2 and everything about the holiday exceeded all my expectations and I already want to go back. I would definetely recommend Jet2 to fly with as everything ran so smoothly and it was just such good service considering how much cheaper they were compared to other airlines.

The hotel itself was so nice and was only a short coach ride from the airport too which was even better.

Everything in this hotel was so spacious, especially our room!! With a huge bed, lovely bathroom, a balcony which overlooked the volcanoes and even space for a sofa and small kitchen station it was definetely a lot more than we expected. Cleanliness is obviously a big thing when you go away and with this hotel I couldn’t fault it. Being all inclusive was definetely a bonus and I am already craving those unlimited vodka and lemonades as well as all the food.


I think we went at such a good time too as it isn’t quite school holidays yet so it meant it wasn’t overly busy which made it feel so nice and chilled.

One of the main things I loved about this holiday was that our hotel was literally right on the beach!! The stunning view of the crystal clear water is just one of those things I could never get bored of. We often went for evening walks along the beach which I loved, and it also became a good selfie spot for us too!


We did take a visit to the Rancho Texas Park which was so much fun and so easy to get to as they have free buses available around the Playa Blanca and Puerto Del Carmen areas. It’s a really fun day out and they have so many beautiful animals to see there. The location of this park also means you can get some stunning pictures as there are some amazing colourful views, quite different to your usual zoo scenery! It cost us just €30 each too for entry and it is so worth it as it’s such a good day with so much to do as they also have a water park there.

Lanzarote is such a beautiful place to visit and is perfect for a couples getaway or a fun family holiday! It definetely has a special place in my heart now with it being mine and my boyfriends first holiday together and I can’t wait for more!




Thanks for reading,

Jade xo


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