July Favourites

I can’t believe that we are almost at the end of another month in 2018! I also can’t beleive that this is probably one of the longest times that the UK has been without rain and we are actually having a proper summer heatwave, I don’t want it to end!

Here are some bits and pieces that I’ve been loving this month….


First up I will start with the photo frames that I got from B&M. I got two packs of three for just £2.99 each which I thought was amazing as they are of decent quality too. I’ve recently had my room redecorated so have decided to make one of my white walls a photo wall and so will definitely be going back to buy some more of these frames!


This Matrix Strengenthing Oil has been doing wonders for my hair. The ends of my hair get so dry and I have been trying not to straighten it as much too. When washing my hair I apply some of this between shampooing and conditioning. I only need a minuscule amount of this for it to work and leave the ends of my hair feeling stronger and softer.


Ive always been a fan of Soap & Glory as I think they do such lovely products, one of them being this Matte lipstick in Super Nude. I don’t tend to wear dark colours on my lips as I am quite pale so this colour is perfect for me. Although it is Matte it doesn’t dry out my lips too much and still has a little bit of a creamy feel to it.


In this heat it is essential that our makeup stays put (that’s if you can be bothered to wear makeup in this 30 degree weather!) and I have found an amazing product at a bargain price. I picked this up from Superdrug and it was under £5. It leaves my makeup feeling lightweight and glowy all day long. Definetely worth adding to your makeup collection if you don’t want to pay out a lot of money.


You can never go wrong with a Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist. I bought this one at the airport on my way home from holiday last month and I can’t get enough of it. The smell is so sweet but not too overpowering and actually lasts for quite a while so I don’t have to keep topping up every couple of hours.

Last up is this playsuit that I bought from New Look for just £9.99! It’s so light and flowy, perfect for these summer days and I love the colour of it too. I have paired it with my sandals from Primark which were £6 and I think the colours compliment each other well.

What have you been loving this month?

Thanks for reading,

Jade xo


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